Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Xbox One vs Playstation 4

Yesterday, both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 (PS4) had their big reveals at E3. Both of these consoles were announced earlier this year at separate events, but E3 is where they are really shown off. Of course now comes the dilemma that we as gamers face, which console is better and should we buy? The table below compares the two consoles side by side, so you can see which one you should get when they are released.

Xbox One Playstation 4 Which is better?
The Price $499 $399 PS4
How It Looks Rectangular VCR Slanted VCR PS4
Able to Play Used Games Some games (more details below) Yes any, with no restrictions PS4
Needs Internet Connection Yes, must connect to Internet once a day No PS4
Able to Use Netflix Yes Yes Tie
Able to Play Blu-Ray Yes Yes Tie
Able to use Voice Control Yes No Xbox One
Motion Sensor Kinect, comes with the console PS-Eye is sold seperately ($60) Xbox One

So as we can see, the Playstation 4 is better in the key categories. Regarding used games, some Xbox One games will come with a one-time registration code so that being able to resell them will not be possible. Also, when you think about it, odds are you will be connected to the Internet to play online or watch Netflix anyway, so the factor regarding connecting to the Internet at least once a day for the Xbox One is not as big as it may seem. The other key idea to remember is that Xbox One will get priority with certain games such as Call of Duty: Ghosts and Minecraft: Xbox One Edition.

So all in all, which one should you get when they are released? Right now, the Playstation 4 because it is one-hundred dollars less and does pretty much all the same things as the Xbox One. If however, the price of the Xbox One comes down, then the Xbox One is certainly the next-generation gaming console to buy.

You can see videos of both being revealed below: 

Xbox One:

Playstation 4:


  1. If the price on the Xbox One comes down, it would be the system to buy? Where do you get that idea? From your little chart there, if the price came down they'd be tied. Besides all the cosmetic features, Playstation 4 will be running with much stronger equipment compared to Microsoft, for the second generation in a row. The One has a higher chance of burning out, considering the chipsets installed unless they ship with quite the cooling method. I don't see the RROD not effecting this generation.

    1. You are absolutely correct in the fact that both the systems would be tied according to my chart. As I did mention below it though, the Xbox One will have priority getting content from the publishers of popular games such as Call of Duty. Also, unless many people join Playstation Network (which assuming the price of the Xbox One doesn't come down, they will), Xbox Live will still be superior in number of users. Is the price of the Xbox One expected to come down, no. Unless they are selling very little of the Xbox One, which they won't be seeing Amazon Xbox One preorders have almost sold out, the Playstation 4 will be the console of choice.

    2. Sony is getting exclusive content from publishers as well. Ubisoft, 2K, Square-Enix, etc. Live is not a superior service. PSN offers the same services while simultaneously offering free games and discounts just for joining. PS4 has the upperhand period.

  2. I can see a future where used games are a thing of the past and everything is digital. Do you really need to buy a hard-copy disc of the game if you can download it on your console directly? If everyone's downloading the games directly to their console, nobody will be sharing them anyways.

    Hopefully, prices of games will drop from $60 a pop to $40 or so given the cost of manufacturing and shipping the discs will be eliminated.