Monday, July 29, 2013

Chromecast will be Google's Next Hit Product

Chromecast, in simplest terms a flashdrive-sized device that you plug into your TV to turn it into a "smart" TV, is the newest contender in the field of devices that allow your television to stream content from the internet. Let me say one important thing right now, Google will no doubt hit it big with this product.

At only $35, Chromecast is definitely the cheapest internet-streaming device on the market (Roku's cheapest model is $49.99 and you can find it here). For most of us, it provides everything we could want added to our TV: Netflix, Youtube, Chrome (Google's internet browser), and Google Play (where you can buy movies, music, TV shows, and more). If you have an Android device, you can display your device's screen right on the screen of your television (similar to Apple's Airplay). Also, for both Android and iOS users alike, you can browse what to watch, adjust the volume, and control playback straight from your phone and/or tablet). If you are looking to enhance your TV experience, then Chromecast is definitely for you.

You can buy Chromecast for only $35 here: Chromecast by Google

The Cheapest Way to Buy Chargers

Did you happen to lose your iPhone charger again? Don't worry because you will not have to spend $19 to replace it through Apple. Odds are, before seeing this, you have never thought of using Ebay to buy an iPhone/iPad/Mac/any other device charger. Well you are in luck because on Ebay the cost of an iPhone 5 charger is only $4.99 (or some cases $5.99). Shipping is almost always included in the price and sometimes even a car charger is included.

Now are you ready to get another charger?

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